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For assistance with any part of your purchase process – from your first question to service after the sale – call or email your AngelTrax sales executive.


Ideal for bid writing, AngelTrax “Spec-It” documents help you write specifications to ensure you get the exact system you want for your fleet.

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Detailed Product Information

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Contract Purchasing

Purchasing through a contract allows you to take advantage of the most competitive pricing on AngelTrax products—without the need for a complicated bidding process. Compare bid purchasing with contract purchasing in the charts below to see why contract purchasing is preferred by so many organizations like yours.

How it Works

First, check with your state and organization regulations about the nature of your purchase to make sure you are not required to purchase through the bidding process. Next, contact AngelTrax to find out which contracts are available to you and how to proceed. You will soon discover that contract purchasing is the best use of your purchasing resources.

AngelTrax: Your Approved Vendor

AngelTrax has been awarded approved vendor status for each of the contracts below and for others that may apply to your needs. For complete contract details and requirements, email quotesandorders@angeltrax.com or call 800.673.1788 Ext. 4611.

Contract Number: 604-20, Radio Communication & Video Recording Products & Services
  • Effective 4/1/23 though 3/31/24
Contract Number: 020221-IVS – Fleet & Related
  • Effective: 3/24/21 through 3/26/25
  • Available to all state and local governments, education and non-profit entities
  • Sourcewell Vendor Listing
Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4285
  • Effective 1/12/22 through 1/13/23
  • Extends purchasing privileges to all state and local governments with certain stipulations
RFP Number: 2022-23 Transportation Supplies & Bus Cameras Bid Extension
  • Effective 3/1/23 through 2/28/24
GSA Contract Number: GS-07F-0447V
  • Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Consolidation
  • Security and Protection
  • Protective Equipment
  • SIN 334220—Surveillance System, Wearable Body Cameras and Vehicular Video
  • Term: August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2024
KCDA Purchasing Cooperative
Contract Number: 22-215 - Wireless Bus Video Security System
  • Effective: 11/1/22 through 10/31/23
  • Extends purchasing privileges to all state and local governments with certain stipulations
Contract Number: 4400024702 T-Number 92817 – AngelTrax Digital Mobile Video Brand Name Surveillance
  • Effective: 6/21/23 through 6/20/24 with optional two (2) additional annual renewals
  • Nationwide
Products and Pricing
For information on the products and pricing included in the PEPPM contract, please refer to the following documents: How to Place an Order
PEPPM 2019 Product Line Bid
  • PA Contract Number: 533902-015
    • Effective: 1/1/23 through 12/31/25
  • CA Contract Number: 535122-014
    • Effective: 1/1/23 through 12/31/25
  • Extends purchasing privileges to all state and local governments with certain stipulations
More Information
TIPS#1 Contract Number: 230202
  • Effective: 5/1/23 through 4/30/26
TIPS#2 Contract Number: 230205
  • Effective: 5/1/23 through 4/30/26
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