Purchasing Assistance

For assistance with any part of your purchase process – from your first question to service after the sale – call or email your AngelTrax sales executive.


Ideal for bid writing, AngelTrax “Spec-It” documents help you write specifications to ensure you get the exact system you want for your fleet.

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Detailed Product Information

Need more details about an AngelTrax product or system? We have prepared detailed product information sheets for your review so you can compare the features of each system and product.

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Alternative Purchasing Methods

The alternative purchasing methods below offer the most competitive pricing and a direct way to purchase AngelTrax products, without the need for a complicated bidding process. For complete details and requirements, contact Sally Klein, Inside Sales Contract Coordinator at contracts@angeltrax.com, call 1.800.673.1788 Ext. 4611, or fax 334.692.4606.

Products and Pricing
For information on the products and pricing included in the PEPPM contract, please refer to the following documents: How to Place an Order
PEPPM 2019 Product Line Bid
PA Contract Number: 528897-017
  • Effective: 1/1/19 through 12/31/21
  • Extends purchasing privileges to all state and local governments with certain stipulations
More Information
GSA AngelTrax Product Price Listing:
GSA Contract Number: GS-07F-0447V
  • Schedule 84 - Extends purchasing privileges to state and local governments
  • Disaster recovery purchasing items
  • Cooperative purchasing items
Contract Information
Contract Number: 2013-004 208-047 ATRAX
  • Effective since 2013
KCDA Purchasing Cooperative
Contract Number: 18-215 - Wireless Bus Video Security System
  • Effective: 11/1/18 through 10/31/19
  • Extends purchasing privileges to all state and local governments with certain stipulations
Contract Information
Contract Number: PT65440
  • Effective: 8/27/17 through 2/26/19
  • Extends purchasing privileges to all state and local governments
Contract Information
Contract Number: GSA13010-MOBILE_DVR
  • Effective: 8/1/14 through 7/31/19