Child Safety Program
Safer Drivers. Safer Streets. Safer Children.
Powered by A Name You Can Trust
Automated Stop Arm Violation System
From Violation Detection to Citation Through Adjudication
  • In an NASDPTS survey, 95,000 stop arm violations were reported in a single day and 17 million in a single year.
  • 98% of stop arm violators who get ticketed NEVER do it again.
  • Change driver behavior and make kids safer.
The Mission of Child Safety Program

Powered by AngelTrax and created to keep kids safer, the Child Safety Program strives to serve and assist law enforcement in changing driver behavior along school bus routes--for safer drivers, safer streets and safer children.

Our mission is to partner with school districts throughout the United States to eliminate the epidemic of stop arm violations endangering students as they enter and exit school buses.

The Child Safety Program team is led by industry experts in developing and utilizing innovative technologies in products and processes to provide an automated stop arm violation system that will improve safety in every community, from violation detection to citation through adjudication.

Your All-In-One Automated Stop Arm Violation System

Automated Camera Capture

Video Evidence Verification

Violation Confirmation by Law Enforcement

Violation Notification Printed and Mailed

Evidence Viewing and Payment Processing

Law Enforcement can't cover every bus stop,
but cameras can.


Automated Stop Arm Violation System


Automated Stop Arm Violation System

2MP Violation Detection Camera

  • Mounted at Roof Line
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology to detect Vehicles in Violation Zone
  • Captures Wide-Angle Views of Traffic Below
  • Distinguishes Vehicles From Non-Automotive Objects, Pedestrians and Cyclists

Dual 5MP Cameras in One Case

  • Mounted Near Stop Arm
  • Captures Clear Images of License Plates From Either Direction in up to Four Lanes From the Bus

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  • Equipment, Installation and Maintenance
  • Technical Support at AngelTrax Headquarters
  • Educational Materials and Court Forms
  • Customer Service Second to None
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