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Clear Views of Student Seating, Bus Stop Activity and Stop Arm Violations

Stay informed to promote student safety and increase fleet efficiency with AngelTrax mobile surveillance solutions tailored to the size and style of each vehicle in your school bus fleet.

  • Protect innocent drivers and students from false claims
  • Record audio and video proof of bullying
  • Capture court-ready evidence of stop arm violations
  • Respond rapidly with live view and live tracking*
  • All Vulcan Series MDVRs are compatible with all Rosco Backup Camera Mirror Monitors
  • Provide Wi-Fi hotspots funded by ECF

*Live view and live tracking features require wireless components and active Internet connection.

Customize Your Configuration

Contact your regional sales executive to customize a surveillance solution for your fleet.

Vulcan™ Series Products

AngelTrax's Vulcan Series products are equipped with the latest in-vehicle surveillance systems and wireless technologies to deliver seamless high-definition video stream, extremely reliable media storage and greater insight of your entire fleet.

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