Making Connections

Whether your organization requires cellular connectivity for immediate alerts, live view and live tracking or Wi-Fi connectivity for automated downloads at the end of the route, Vulcan™ Series systems are compatible with the latest wireless technologies enabling you to connect with every vehicle in your fleet, either on the road or in the bus yard.

Cellular Connectivity

Instant acceses via secure, active cellular connection

  • Vehicles connect through a cellular provider’s mobile network anywherethere is a cellular signal.
  • A cellular connection provides constant connectivity between your on site server and vehicles operating in the field.
  • Receive notifications instantly, as they happen, and access a live view of a vehicle’s audio and video streams as it operates.

Cellular modem and data plan required

Wi-fi Connectivity

Download video and data via secure access point

  • Vehicles connect locally through your facility’s existing wireless network.
  • A wireless LAN connection provides connectivity to vehicles within range of your facility’s wireless network.
  • Your notifications and marked video events for the day are uploaded to an AngelTrax secured server when the vehicle returns to your facility.
Wireless access points and antenna required
(one antenna per vehicle)

Staying Connected

Achieve greater insight, oversight and control of your entire fleet with video management systems from AngelTrax. Contact your regional AngelTrax sales executive for an expert evaluation of your fleet's needs and how PRO8CMS or MotoTrax—or both—can enhance the efficiency of your entire fleet and provide answers for your organization.

Securing Connections

Protect the Privacy of your
ridership and drivers


Cloud Hosted Video