Complete 360-degree interior coverage with zero distortion and no dead spots.

diagram showing parallax interior coverage in a motorcoach

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PARALLAX VIEW™ vs 360-Degree Fisheye

We spent several months testing our new 360-degree fisheye camera on a bus. Our first impression was, “This may be a pretty good solution.” After further testing, we began to realize the three shortcomings of the 360-degree fisheye camera:

  1. The images had to be unwrapped yet left a fair amount of distortion.
  2. When people were in the aisle, much of the view, if not all, was blocked. This may impede the client’s ability to produce video evidence of an incident and to conduct an investigation.
  3. The audio was now in only one position. This would certainly affect any evidence needing clear audio.
Introducing the New Parallax View™ Camera Configuration from AngelTrax

Our engineers developed a new lens concept—Parallax View—that would yield a field of view of almost 210 degrees with each camera. Therefore, the camera was actually looking behind itself with ZERO DISTORTION. Coupled with 4K resolution, Parallax View images are incredible. Combining four Parallax cameras in a quad configuration gave full-scale 360-degree views with NO distortion, captured clear audio and covered every inch of the inside of the bus. At no time will any views be totally blocked as found in the fisheye camera. And the cost is very similar. We will release the new PARALLAX VIEW system in August. Parallax View is designed for large transit bus applications.

image highlighting the parallax view

Patented Hybrid Component™ Technology with PARALLAX VIEW™

v8hcnvr and v16hcnvr
Fully Digital High-Definition Video

Constructed of military grade materials, AngelTrax HCNVRs are ruggedly built and engineered with upgradeable modular components which can extend the life of the HCNVR beyond conventional designs. For example, the 8-channel HCNVR is easily converted to 12 channels and updated with the latest technology by changing a module, allowing the system to add cameras without replacing the HCNVR. Innovations such as this set AngelTrax apart in durability and longer equipment life. AngelTrax customers often redeploy units from old buses to new ones.

User Upgradeable/Serviceable Modules

With patented Hybrid Component™ technology, AngelTrax HCNVRs have modules that are fully removable and replaceable in the field, enabling authorized personnel to perform system updates and maintenance in minutes and increasing the efficiency of the entire fleet by reducing downtime and replacement outages.

PARALLAX™ High-Definition 4K Resolution

AngelTrax introduces the patent-pending PARALLAX camera which produces a profoundly superior video picture with an outstanding image resolution exceeding cinema 4K. The PARALLAX camera has an astonishing 200+ degree field of view with improved depth of field versus conventional wide-angle cameras, allowing 360-degree coverage without distortion. Zoom in for video clarity never before available in the industry.

Stunning Full 360-Degree Coverage with Zero Distortion

Strategically deployed patent-pending PARALLAX cameras, specially designed for transit, deliver an unparalleled 360-degree interior view of the front, middle and back of the bus without the image distortion common with conventional wide-angle cameras.

H.265 Compression

AngelTrax HCNVRs utilize the latest H.265 main profile compression. This advancement allows a 30% increase in recording time over traditional H.264 compression.

hevc comparison diagram
duel streaming diagram
Dual Streaming

The latest dual streaming capabilities allow HCNVRs to simultaneously store high-resolution and low-resolution video, optimizing the unit’s storage time. The user may select the storage time for high resolution and low resolution. For example, a 4TB drive can record both 9 days of video at high resolution and 80 days at low resolution. The high resolution and sub-record ratio is easily adjusted based on the client’s needs.

Backup Drives

Each AngelTrax MDVR and HCNVR can accommodate an optional SD card for redundant recording to ensure the client gets the video every time. HCNVRs can accommodate additional RAID drives for increased recording time and backup.

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