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AngelTrax Partners with Traffic Enforcement Leader Sensys Gatso to Save Student Lives and Increase Safety and Security with the Most Advanced Camera Systems

AngelTrax, the industry leader in school bus video systems, has partnered with Sensys Gatso Group, a leading provider of traffic management solutions, to put a stop to stop arm violations with the most advanced stop arm violation (SAV) and interior camera systems in the U.S.—at no cost to school districts.

With distracted, dangerous drivers posing increasing risks to our children and communities, the need for modern safety measures is greater than ever. The AngelTrax-Sensys Gatso partnership offers schools the opportunity to increase student safety exponentially inside and outside the bus, at no charge, with the industry’s number one cameras and recording equipment paired with Sensys Gatso’s hassle-free stop arm violation ticketing process.

sensys gatso group + angeltrax

Separate Recording Systems

The stop arm violation (SAV) camera views are captured and stored on a recording device completely separate from the interior camera system’s recording device. Each mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) functions completely autonomously from the other and is accessed by the appropriate authorized personnel to protect the video evidence’s chain of custody.

diagram showing SAV coverage on a school bus

Stop Arm Violation (SAV) Camera System

The Vulcan™ Series SAV3100 IP IntelliGuard™ Stop Arm Violation System automatically detects when a vehicle illegally passes a school bus while the stop arm is extended. Requiring no bus driver interaction, the system captures clear images of the violating vehicle’s license plate, day or night. This system is comprised of dual license plate cameras inside the IntelliGuard case, plus the vehicle detection camera, which is mounted at the roofline directly above the IntelliGuard case. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the vehicle detection camera is able to detect when vehicles are in the violation zone, distinguishing them from non-automotive objects, pedestrians, and cyclists to verify a true stop arm violation. The SAV3100’s three IP 1080P camera views are continuously recorded by the Vulcan Series V8X3 MDVR, and event snapshots and video clips are automatically uploaded to a remote server—with secured storage that is accessed remotely for ticketing purposes only.

Actual SAV3100 Snapshots:

actual shots from the SAV system

Student Seating Camera System

Comprised of four low profile, wide angle, HD1700V  cameras, the interior camera system captures 1080P views of student behavior, even in high-backed seats, to ensure school administrators have objective evidence to settle disputes and take disciplinary action. All interior camera views are continuously recorded by the Vulcan Series V8X3 MDVR, and the system is equipped with a panic button installed within easy reach of the driver, to allow the driver to manually mark the recording with an event for incident investigation. The interior camera video is accessed only by authorized school personnel and is equipped with passive GPS.

interior footage of hd1700V coverage

Additional Funding for Student Safety

In addition to the equipment and ticket process provided at no charge, each participating school district will receive a portion of net proceeds to fund ongoing student safety programs.

AngelTrax-Sensys Gatso student safety systems help improve the safety of students inside the bus and keep students and communities safer with court-ready video evidence that can be used to prosecute the guilty, protect the innocent and settle disputes, all at no cost to the school district.

To learn more about how AngelTrax and Sensys Gatso can help increase student safety at no cost to your school district, please call 1-800-673-1788 or email

Press Contact:
Laura Willeford | AngelTrax Marketing Director | (334) 692-4600, Ext. 4527