Vulcan™ Series V6X3 MDVR

The V6X3 is capable of utilizing Wi-Fi and cellular simultaneously and captures a total of six camera channels: four channels D1, WD1, 720P, or up to 1080P for the bulk of your camera views and two IP channels up to 1080P for optimum clarity where details matter most.

  • 6-channel system
  • 4 channels D1, WD1, 720P, or up to 1080P + 2 channels IP up to 1080P
  • 1TB hard disk drive
  • SD card slot for redundancy
  • Five (5) year limited warranty
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The V6X3 supports 1080p cameras.


We stand behind the Vulcan™ Series mobile DVR by offering a five-year parts and labor warranty that is unmatched in the industry, and from first contact to warranty fulfillment, AngelTrax provides unparalleled customer service and support.


Alerts, triggered by the driver-operated panic button or one of eight configurable alarms, automatically mark video for supervisor review during playback. The panic button, included with every Vulcan Series MDVR and installed within easy reach on the driver’s console, is an inconspicuous tool the driver can use to mark the video at the time and date of an incident occurring on the vehicle. The panic button also functions as a remote status indicator for the MDVR. A solid green LED indicates the unit has power and is recording without using a video monitor.