Protect your drivers and
your fleet simultaneously.


[ The very best in video + driver behavior data—ALL IN ONE compact solution ]

Promoting safety and sustainability for your fleet, this all-in-one surveillance system captures video to protect your drivers from false claims, records driver behavior data and can protect your bottom line from fuel waste and nuclear verdicts.


Conserve Fuel Consumption

Protect Corporate Image

Monitor Driver Performance with Video

AI Features


MOTOTRAX DRIVER BEHAVIOR The VX4AI is an objective eyewitness to defend your driver and your fleet from frivolous legal claims and show the context of the situation such as changing weather conditions or the dangerous actions of others. Using MotoTrax Driver Behavior, your organization can realize greater savings and safer drivers with solutions based on real data, trends, reports and video clips. For more information on MotoTrax Driver Behavior, contact your sales executive today at

screenshot of mototrax driver behavior web interface


PRO8CMS FlexPlay Pro 8™ playback software is included with the purchase of every Vulcan Series MDVR or HCNVR. Upgrade to Pro 8 Central Management System™ for live view, live tracking and real-time system health and panic button alerts. Find out more at

screenshot of mototrax driver behavior web interface
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