Mounted over the vehicle's boarding areas, the Passenger Counter uses 3D imaging technology to detect passenger entries and exits at route stops. Passenger count data is reported in real time to the optional MotoTrax™ Online Surveillance Manager by AngelTrax, via the mobile recorder's active internet connection. Fleet operators can analyze passenger trends and monitor overcrowded or underutilized stops to optimize route efficiency. The Passenger Counter adapts to varying weather and lighting conditions to accurately detect passengers, day or night. The PCCAMERA is compatible as is with Vulcan Series MDVRs. Compatibility with Vulcan Series HCNVRs requires a converter cable.

  • 3D Imaging CMOS
  • IP43 rated metal housing
mdvr compatible
hcnvr compatible

Camera Features

  • Report passenger count data in real time to MotoTrax
  • Export data in shareable file formats
  • Monitor occupancy levels to discover trends
  • Make informed decisions to optimize routes
  • Utilize operating costs based on observed trends
3d imaging
infographic displaying effective detection area of pccamera
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