Vulcan™ Parallax Series Camera

  • Supports 4MP, D1080P and DVGA resolutions
  • 210-degree field of view per camera
  • Full 360-degree interior coverage with Parallax View™

Best View in the Industry

Each patent-pending Parallax camera captures a profoundly superior video picture with an outstanding horizontal resolution exceeding cinema 4K while also achieving a 210-degree field of view. Zoom in for video clarity never before available in the industry.

*Note: Double click to zoom

Parallax View™ with 360-Degree Interior Coverage

Combining four Parallax cameras in a quad configuration delivers an unparalleled 360-degree interior view of the front, middle and back of the bus without the image distortion common with conventional wide-angle or fisheye cameras.

Image Control

Equipped with infrared lights, digital wide dynamic range, automatic gain control, and backlight compensation, the Parallax camera is capable of capturing astonishingly clear audio and video day or night.


  • Extreme Wide Angle
  • 210˚ Horizontal Field of View
  • 53˚ Vertical Field of View
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