• 4MP, D1080P and DVGA resolutions
  • 210-degree field of view per camera
  • Full 360-degree interior coverage with Parallax View™
  • Infrared

Best View in the Industry

Strategically place four Parallax cameras inside the bus for an unparalleled 360-degree interior view. Each patent-pending Parallax camera captures a profoundly superior video picture with an outstanding horizontal resolution exceeding cinema 4K while also achieving a 210-degree field of view. Zoom in for video clarity never before available in the industry.

 PARLX4K Interior Parallax Camera

Combining four interior Parallax cameras in a quad configuration delivers an unparalleled 360-degree interior view of the front, middle and back of the bus without the image distortion common with conventional wide-angle or fisheye cameras.

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Interior Parallax
 EXTPARLX4K Exterior Parallax Camera

Capture traffic coming, going and beside the bus with only one camera—the Parallax™ exterior camera—mounted to each exterior side wall. Each camera captures a field of view wide enough to include the exterior wall of the bus, from front end to back.

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Exterior Parallax