The most sophisticated, cutting edge stop arm violation system available, the SAV3100 IP IntelliGuard™ SAV System features three IP 1080P cameras providing automated uploading of video and snapshots of stop arm violations—without drawing the bus driver’s attention from students getting on and off the bus. The vehicle detection camera at the roof line captures wide-angle views of traffic below. Using AI technology, the vehicle detection camera detects when vehicles are in the violation zone, distinguishing them from non-automotive objects, pedestrians and cyclists to verify a true stop arm violation. The dual-camera unit on the wall below captures clear images of license plates from either direction in up to three lanes from the bus. The SAV3100 is compatible only with the V8X3 MDVR and uses three of the V8X3's four IP camera channels.

  • Includes (3) IP Cameras: (1) 2MP Violation Detection Camera + (2) 4MP Cameras for License Plate Capture
  • Violation Detection Camera Mounted at Roof Line and Uses AI Technology to Detect Vehicles in Violation Zone
  • IP67 Rated Waterproof Exterior Cameras
  • 1080P HD
  • Infrared
  • Anti-Vibration, Vandal-Resistant Casing
  • Scratch-Resistant, Anti-Glare Polarized Glass Lens Cover
  • Compatible only with Vulcan Series V8X3 MDVR

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Capture Stop Arm Violations

Capture court-ready evidence of dangerous driving to prosecute violators and help improve bus route safety for students. The IntelliGuard Automated Stop Arm Violation System automatically detects and marks the video recording when a vehicle passes a school bus while the stop arm is extended. Requiring no bus driver interaction, this system captures clear images of the violating vehicle’s license plate, day or night.

Actual SAV3100 camera screenshots: