• 1080P
  • 1/2.7" 5MP Progressive Scanning CMOS Sensor
  • IP67 Rated Waterproof
  • Super Infrared
icon detailing vulcan mdvr compatibility

Capture Stop Arm Violations

Mounted on the side exterior wall of the school bus, the IPSAV5MP’s lens housing is adjustable at installation to capture video from one direction or the other. The IPSAV5MP’s 16mm lens captures a view from the side of the bus, providing clear views of passing vehicles’ license plates. The IPSAV5MP is compatible with Vulcan Series MDVRs.

diagram of a bus showing the effective range of the IPSAV5MP camera

Actual Snapshot:

actual snapshot captured by the stop arm camera, highlighting the license plate capture

icon detailing that the camera belongs on the exterior
icon detailing an infrared camera reading super IR
icon detailing a monitor with 1080p full HD resolution


  • 16mm Extreme Narrow Angle
  • Deeper Focal Length
  • 24° Horizontal Field of View
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