Who is AngelTrax?

AngelTrax is a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of in-vehicle mobile surveillance for the student transit, mass transit, fleet/driver behavior with AI, locomotive and waste management industries.

From developing state-of-the-art systems to providing unmatched customer support, AngelTrax consistently drives innovation and service in the mobile video surveillance industry.

Drawing from diverse technical expertise, extensive industry knowledge and constant customer feedback, AngelTrax continues to meet and exceed the needs of transportation providers around the globe.

How Is AngelTrax Different?

Unmatched Innovation

By leveraging the most advanced technology available and applying a constant stream of customer feedback, AngelTrax has been awarded multiple US patents for sophisticated innovations in mobile video surveillance.

Customer Service

Reliable and efficient, our specialized team of engineers and technicians resolve most product issues during the initial phone call or email conversation. All customer service is conducted by AngelTrax and not outsourced to a third party.

What Our Customers Say

Dinero’ Washington, CEO of SporTran Transit Management
AngelTrax regularly goes the extra mile for us. Even during the recent shipping delays that have affected organizations across the globe, they manage to get the parts we need delivered quickly. We’ve been extremely pleased with the superior level of customer service we receive from AngelTrax as well. Always responsive and always courteous, our AngelTrax representatives make SporTran feel like a priority.

John D. Adams, President • Southern Coaches, Inc.
Southern Coaches has been using the AngelTrax system for over three years and we are totally pleased with all aspects of their product. The sales team worked with us on customizing our needs and worked closely with installation, training and excellent customer service when we need assistance. Very seldom do we have issues, but when we do they are very prompt in evaluating the problem and fixing the problem. Their tech people are very easy to work with and are attentive to your problems and also keep you updated on the progress of the repair.

In addition to the tracking system we have the onboard camera system which we can live remote in on the coaches. This system has been invaluable for us when accidents happen. The HD cameras provide a view that is very clear and our insurance company said it was the best system they had ever seen. Service after the sale is the key to long-term relationships with any vendor you partner with. I can attest that the AngelTrax team understands this and works hard to take care of their customer. There are very few companies that I will recommend, if asked, but AngelTrax is one that I will 100% recommend.

Brian Engelking, Transit Manager • Waukesha Metro Transit
We have found the AngelTrax camera system to be very reliable and the warranty fulfillment unmatched in the industry. We receive high quality video and audio recordings. The AngelTrax system is easy to use for our Maintenance and Operations staff and saves our staff valuable time and effort.

Jeff Edwards, MTS Transit Manager • MTS – Marion (IN) Transit System
We purchased our video recording system with audio last year in 2018. We are very pleased with the operation of the system. We were able to download “just in time” viewing of OBVSS video from buses to the PC in the manager’s office. Installation of our system went very smooth. The system has been very beneficial for MTS and the City of Marion in terms of driver and passenger conduct. In July last year we had a bus involved accident with passenger injuries, which was a non-chargeable accident.

The video recordings of this accident provided video evidence which clearly showed liability on the part of the at-fault driver and also assisted in MTS receiving a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company for the MTS bus which was “totaled” in the collision. Our IT person has talked to technical support on a few occasions and received immediate action to our questions.

Mark Rickards, Transit Manager • Town of Ocean City (MD) Department of Public Works
The first year and summer peak season using the AngelTrax (system) was an overall success. We had 43 requests for review from Police, Transportation Management and Supervision, and several from myself as Manager in Transportation utilized the system to investigate several complaints.

Integration and ease of use by the OCPD was successful and well accepted.
  • Ease of use both with the hard drives and the review system computer.
  • Excellent quality of the videos and copies made.
  • Good customer service, very responsive.
  • Excellent operator and employee acceptance.

Public officials loved the system and the oversight and security it brings to our town.

Eston Jones, Transportation Director • Russellville (AR) School District
I emailed tech support this morning with some questions about the new Vulcan drives and Pro 8. Within two minutes of the email being sent, (an AngelTrax technician) called my office, answered all of my questions, and told me to have a great day. Awesome job! Thanks AngelTrax!

Robert J. Tanner, MOVTA Safety and Security Officer • Easy Rider, Mid-Ohio Valley (WV) Transit Authority
As long as I am in my current position at Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority, we will use AngelTrax products in our buses, the performance and dependability of your products are what separates your systems from the others. My safety department depends on these systems in our buses to provide the missing pieces of the event puzzle as we are investigating it, having court ready files is a plus for any investigator.

With the new Vulcan Series in place, we now can view each bus live. Our safety team can improve our response time, we now are able to see the event and know what emergency services may be needed without any time delay. This is a great tool to aid Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority in keeping our employees and the traveling public as safe as reasonably possible. We set high safety goals here at Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority and AngelTrax is the best tool we have found to aid us in reaching these goals. Your tech department is great. For example, I am in my office watching our I.T. guy work with the guys from tech support and our I.T. guy is telling me how great the tech support is and how easy they are to work with. No matter when we have call (day or night) tech support has quickly responded back to us and fixed the problem. The customer service, in my opinion, is one of AngelTrax greatest assets. Whomever I talk to is always professional, but I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere the most. It feels like being on my back porch, drinking sweet tea and talking. Thanks for making my job a little easier.

Charles Smith, Maintenance Manager • Jackson (TN) Transit Authority
The (Vulcan Series) system is working great and the support has been superb. Congrats to AngelTrax on a job well done. I do believe we have formed a very long lasting partnership.

Global Impact

statistic banner showing 250,000 active systems operating worldwide statistic banner showing 125,000 active systems in the United States

Innovators In Our Field

statistic banner showing two point five million dollars spent on research and development yearly statistic banner showing multiple US patents and patents pending

Customer Satisfaction

statistic banner showing 30,000 systems shipped annually statistic banner showing under one percent system sales return rate

Our Mission

The mission of AngelTrax is to be the leading provider of mobile video surveillance, understanding the needs of our customers, while continuing to have the forethought to pioneer new technology that will also meet the future needs of our customers. Built on a foundation as a team, we challenge the industry by communicating the reliability of our superior service, innovative and unparalleled products, price, and quality. The purpose of AngelTrax, along with the joint effort of all our employees, is to share the credence that we will match our elite products with the highest integrity, sustaining an unmatched product, which is the foundation of our success and the basis of our core principle.

Core Values

  • Diligently building strong relationships and mutual understanding with our customers

  • Continually developing innovative products to increase transportation safety

  • Consistently providing a work environment of safety, trust and respect

  • Constantly seeking opportunities for corporate growth

  • Relentlessly responding with integrity in all endeavors

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