Wireless Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connectivity between your DVRs & local wireless network

When equipped with wireless Wi-Fi connectivity and within range of your existing wireless network, each DVR will automatically upload its marked events, using MotoLinx*, and system health status notifications as scheduled.

  • Secure network connection
  • Update DVR settings
  • Automatic download
  • Download panic events
  • DVR health notification
  • Email or text notification

* Optional Feature

Key Features

Manage your DVRs wirelessly

With remote access to your fleet DVRs, play back stored footage and adjust recording settings while the vehicle is in range of your local network.

Event Clip Downloading

Download marked event clip footage recorded in the field to your on-site server when a vehicle is within range of your wireless mesh.

Panic Event Snapshot

Receive prompt text or email notification of panic events recorded in the field. Messages will include a snapshot from actual footage.

DVR Health Alerts

Receive notification via text message or email of any system errors or issues from DVRs when within range of your wireless mesh.

Event Notifications

Event notifications are wirelessly transferred as the vehicle enters your wireless mesh and delivered as emails or text messages.

Long-Term Relationship

Because we value our relationships with our customers, we stand behind the WLAN Component with a three year parts and labor warranty.

Tech Specs

Remote Access Point

For use with Hybrid Quest, Hybrid Vault, HDX, and SDX DVRs