Automatic Vehicle Location

Find your fleet fast

For a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet in real time, use the powerful Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) features of MotoTrax, the AngelTrax online surveillance manager. Compare bus routes to maximize fleet fuel efficiency and driver behavior to monitor vehicle routes for excessive idling or speeding.

  • Online tracking
  • Route rewind
  • Geo-fencing breach alerts
  • Cost calculations made easy
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Real-time monitoring

Key Features

Track Your Fleet Online

From a big picture perspective, transportation directors can monitor vehicle routes for excessive idling or speeding.

Route Rewind

Monitor performance and fuel efficiency with the route rewind feature of MotoTrax. View each vehicle’s full route with a breadcrumb trail.

Live Tracking

Manage your resources and capture the action in real time with the advantage of live video feeds from your fleet vehicles.

Fleet Reports

Generate comprehensive reports using your library of event footage and data organized by event type, vehicle, operator and date.


Set geographical boundaries and receive instant notifications for immediate response when a vehicle breaches the designated area.

Save Time and Resources

Automatically calculate the costs of inefficient operating behaviors such as idling and speeding.