The all-in-one solution

  • • Real-Time Tracking
  • • View Live Camera Feeds
  • • Route Rewind
  • • Live Directions & Routing
  • • Comprehensive Reports

Instant System Health Alerts

Easily identify engine-on times and confirm DVRs are on and operating with system health alerts sent straight to you via text or email.

Immediately Know When There's a Problem

Wireless connectivity through a cellular network allows for event notifications to be sent as they happen, to be delivered as emails or text messages.

Capture With Confidence

Keep your fleet – and your camera systems – running reliably to protect your passengers, your drivers and your resources.

Automatic Vehicle Location

More Insight Than Ever Before

Monitor your vehicles every mile of the way, 24 hours a day, with MotoTrax. Access Live View from within the Live Tracking interface and know where your vehicles are.

Save Time and Resources

Costly behaviors such as idling and speeding are automatically calculated. Use the Fixed Route comparison tool to compare bus routes to identify duplication and detours.

Monitor Every Move

Track your entire fleet on their routes and stream live video from your vehicles, providing real-time insight into vehicle operations and fleet events.

Event History Notifications

MotoTrax organizes individual events by date/time, vehicle ID, event type and location to build your fleet's database for research and reporting.

View Entire Fleet History

Monitor the performance and efficiency of your drivers and fleet vehicles with details on your fleet of a few or a few hundred.

Download Comprehensive Event Reports

Compile, customize and share comprehensive reports on your entire fleet or narrow your focus to one vehicle, driver or event type.

Fixed Route Comparison

Cut Fuel Costs

Compare bus routes using up to eight color-coded trails at a time to identify unnecessary duplication and expensive detours.

Analyze Your Routes

Save routes by bus number, date and time of day for detailed analysis to enhance the efficiency of your entire fleet with route comparisons from MotoTrax.

Dashboard features

Enhanced Management

MotoTrax gives transit directors unprecedented insight into fleet operations and a powerful set of tools to access, organize and track data and fleet details.

One Simple Interface

MotoTrax gives you the ability to manage your entire fleet from one simple, easy-to-use system.

  • 1 My fleet

    Instantly view the number of vehicles in your fleet and their current connection status. You’ll also be able to immediately recognize fleet issues with the day’s key indicators, increasing your reaction time.
  • 2 Recent panic events

    Clearly displays the five most recent operator panic events in your fleet, along with the vehicle ID, GPS coordinates and date and time the event occurred.
  • 3 System health alerts

    Displays the five most recent system health alerts in your fleet.

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