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IntelliGuard Automatic Stop Arm Violation Detection System

Stop Violators with IntelliGuard™

Automated Stop Arm Violation Detection from AngelTrax

AngelTrax's IntelliGuard Automated Detection System automatically creates a marked event on the DVR's hard drive when a stop arm violation is detected. With no driver intervention required, IntelliGuard™ captures sharp, clear video of the violation and the vehicle's license plate.


Transfer Violation Events Automatically with Wireless Technology

Wireless Integration with MotoLinx and MotoTrax

Stop arm violations marked by IntelliGuard™ can be transferred wirelessly to AngelTrax's automatic-download event clip manager, MotoLinx™. Storing violation events in MotoLinx eliminates the need to manually search through potentially hundreds of hours of surveillance footage for violations, and allows the user to store event clips on their own on-site server for review.

IntelliGuard is also compatible with MotoTrax™, AngelTrax's online surveillance manager. Using MotoTrax's Route Rewind feature, users can review a bus' entire route on a Google map and consult a comprehensive report displaying the exact time and location of each violation.

IntelliGuard™ Video Tour

IntelliGuard Video Tour

Learn more about the IntelliGuard™ system and how it can help you keep our children safe and reduce stop arm violations.

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IntelliGuard™ Hardware

IntelliGuard Unit

- Automatically detects
  stop arm violations

- Clear license plate
  capture front and rear

- Captures video of the
  make, model and color
  of violating vehicles

IntelliGuard Unit

- 44.8 degree field of view

- Overview capture


Integration with Wireless Technology

Track violations with MotoTrax™

Marked stop arm violation events can be collected and organized through MotoTrax™, AngelTrax's online mobile surveillance manager.

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MotoTrax Online Mobile Surveillance Manager
Auto-download events with MotoLinx™

MotoLinx™ — AngelTrax's auto-download event clip manager — can automatically download violation event clips to your on-site server for review.

MotoLinx Auto-Download Manager

CrossingGuard® Solution

School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement

The CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement System — powered by IntelliGuard — offers the ability to detect, capture and automatically cite drivers who illegally pass school buses.

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