RFID capability, wide-angle views and driver behavior in one DVR

Capable of embedding the driver’s RFID data into the video’s permanent metadata, the CoPilot-RFID captures more of the driver’s behavior in the front seat and more of the action in front of the vehicle, in 1.3 megapixel recording resolution, and includes integrated driver behavior sensors and location monitoring.

  • GPS and built-in G-Force sensor
  • Built-in 500MHz LAN
  • Driver behavior modification
  • Optional RFID reader
  • Three year warranty
  • Integrated wide-angle cameras

Key Features

Comprehensive Solution

The windshield-mounted CoPilot-RFID performs as a full-scale surveillance system and functions as an onboard driver behavior modification system.

Real-Time Driver Alerts

Sensors and alerts warn the driver when dangerous activity is detected, providing real-time driver modification. The optional RFID reader reminds the driver to scan the card at vehicle ignition.

Dual Wide-Angle Views

Capturing the driver's view of the road and an interior view of the cab, the CoPilot-RFID features dual cameras, each with a 160-degree, adjustable angle lens, recorded in 1.3MP resolution.

G-Force Sensor

Dangerous driving behaviors are recorded with the CoPilot-RFID's built-in G-Force sensors to mark an event in the video for close review during playback.

Solid-State SD Card Storage

Dual solid-state SD cards provide secure, portable storage with up to 512GB each, for a total storage capacity of 1TB.

Self-Managed System

The CoPilot-RFID features a built-in 500MHz LAN. With an AP Router for Wi-Fi, or with a modem providing cellular connectivity, this smart solution can transmit email or text notifications instantly.


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