CoPilot Camera

Dual capture and driver behavior management

Mounted to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield, the CoPilot Camera captures high-quality color interior/exterior views, advanced in-cab audio and indicators of dangerous driving.

  • Dual, built-in lenses
  • Built-in GPS antenna
  • High quality interior/exterior capture
  • Built-in G-Force sensor
  • Real-time driver feedback
  • Infrared for night or low light

Key Features

Dual Camera Views

With exterior and interior-facing lenses, you see what the driver sees—and the action inside the cab of the vehicle.

Built-In GPS and G-Force Sensor

Passive GPS positioning and dangerous driving behaviors are recorded with the CoPilot Camera's built-in sensors.

Improve Driver Behavior

Each time one of the CoPilot Camera's sensors is triggered, a blinking driver alert light and audible tone notify the driver.

Noise-Gated Microphones

Built-in noise-gated microphones filter out background noise, providing clear audio of recorded events inside the vehicle.

Bring the Dark to Light with IR

With automatic infrared settings, our smart surveillance systems optimize low light for clear video capture day or night.

Long-Term Relationship

Because we place great value on the relationships we build with our customers, we stand behind our CoPilot Camera with a three year parts and labor warranty.

Tech Specs

Interior Dual Camera

2.5mm lens, 120° FOV

2.1mm lens, 89.4° FOV