AngelTrax's online surveillance manager is packed with great features

The power of instant
wireless notifications

Monitor it all
Monitor driver behavior and vehicle status from the
comfort of your office.
Know right now
Event notifications marked by the DVR are sent out in
real-time to MotoTrax, so you’re always in the know.
Everything in one place
Every event, marked by each DVR in your fleet, organized into one convenient report.

Dynamic event organization
  • 1Create custom reports

    Easily generate a variety of specialized reports from collected data using MotoTrax's tabular, searchable format.
  • 2Easy-to-use search tools

    Narrow your search results and quickly find what you're looking for by using the live filter feature.
  • 3 Print, save or share

    Once you've created your custom event report, you have the option to print it out, save it to your local device, or share it via email.

Dramatically reduce downtime
Reduce excessive downtime with MotoTrax system health alerts
Immediately know when there's a problem
If a problem is detected, a DVR health alert is instantly sent to MotoTrax, so that you can quickly address any system issue – eliminating excessive downtime.

Capture with confidence
Have peace of mind knowing your mobile surveillance systems are capturing the footage that is so critical to your operation, so you can focus on managing your fleet.

System health alerts
  • 1 DVR boot up

    Easily identify engine-on times, and confirm DVRs are powered-on and operating.

  • 2Camera loss

    Quickly identify which camera is experiencing a problem, therefore increasing response time and reducing the risk of not capturing vital footage.
  • 3Disk status

    Hard drive reliability is key in securing crucial audio/video data. The disk status alert indicates when the hard drive is first powered on, off or has experienced a failure.

Automatic Vehicle Location
Know where your vehicles are at all times
More insight than ever before
Monitor your vehicles every mile of the way, 24 hours a day, without ever leaving the office. With MotoTrax you can track your entire fleet in real-time, providing you with a bird's-eye view of your vehicles and their routes.

Save time and resources
Costly operator behaviors such as idling and speeding are automatically tabulated into a comprehensive report.

Monitor every move
MotoTrax's Route Rewind feature allows you to monitor a vehicle's route from the perspective of the operator. Playback the entire route of your vehicle and watch where it traveled, stopped and idled.

AVL features
  • 1 Live tracking

    MotoTrax's live tracking feature can be scaled to support a fleet of any size, allowing you to monitor as many or as few vehicles as necessary.
  • 2 Fleet reports

    Monitor in real-time valuable fleet statistics, including average distance traveled, total drive time, number of stops, total idle and over speed cost.
  • 3 Route Rewind

    The Route Rewind feature allows you to monitor a vehicle's route from the perspective of the operator.
  • 4 Geo-fencing

    Gain confidence knowing your vehicles are where they're supposed to be with MotoTrax's geo-fence alerts.

Live View and Remote Setup
Live view features
  • 1 Live view

    Stream live video right from your vehicles, providing real-time insight into vehicle operations and fleet events.
  • 2 Playback

    Playback stored footage from the onboard DVR's hard drive, while the vehicle is in the field.
  • 3 Remote setup

    Change and update settings instantly on your DVRs. Adjust system setup, vehicle IDs and even camera settings.

User-friendly dashboard
It's never been easier to know what's happening in your fleet

Everything in one place
MotoTrax provides a simple, intuitive and feature-rich mobile surveillance management tool capable of scaling to support any size fleet. You have the control to manage your entire fleet from one user-friendly system.

View pertinent fleet information quickly at-a-glance on your MotoTrax dashboard.

Dashboard features
  • 1 My fleet

    Instantly view the number of vehicles in your fleet and their current connection status. You’ll also be able to immediately recognize fleet issues with the day’s key indicators, increasing your reaction time.
  • 2 Recent panic events

    Clearly displays the five most recent operator panic events in your fleet, along with the vehicle ID, GPS coordinates and date and time the event occurred.
  • 3 System health alerts

    Displays the five most recent system health alerts in your fleet.
  • 4 System performance

    Instantly view a real-time graphic summary of your fleet and surveillance system's performance.

Better manage your fleet
Now it's even easier to manage your fleet with automated fleet reports

Boost efficiency
Comprehensive automated fleet performance reports will diminish idle times, decrease fuel consumption, alter poor driving habits, provide better customer service and improve route efficiency.

Wireless network types
See what MotoTrax can do for you using one of the wireless connections below
Historical Event Notifications

Historical System Health Notifications

Remote System Setup

Manual Event Clip Download

Automatic Event Clip Download (MotoLinx)

Real-time Event Notifications

Real-time System Health Notifications

Instant Remote System Setup

Manual Event Clip Download

Live Tracking

AVL Fleet Data

Real-time Event Notifications

Real-time System Health Notifications

Instant Remote System Setup

Manual Event Clip Download

Automatic Event Clip Download (MotoLinx)

Live Tracking

AVL Fleet Data

Live View Using Onboard Cameras

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